Car Craft National Roadshows

Car Craft National Roadshows

Car Craft National Roadshows

The Car Craft Group from WA, SA & QLD presented the vision for a national future to collision repairers in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney in September.

There was encouraging support for establishing the model in the three regions. While there were’nt large numbers in attendance the aim is for quality not quantity. Car Craft is looking for a small group of quality repairers to establish the business in each area; between 5–10 business owners. The goal is for the states to evolve the way Car Craft did in WA and SA, that is through the core group of collision repairers developing the network, setting the standards and selecting the preferred supplier group that they will partner with.

In addition to the evening events, a cross section of meetings were held with a range of industry participants. These meetings succeeded in raising the level of understanding of the ‘big picture’, including the national dynamics and well as the challenges we will face with the entry of international businesses that are looking to invest in Australia.

‘It is very exciting times in the collision repair industry and Car Craft is keen to explore opportunities that are being presented. It is a time to ‘disrupt or be disrupted’, we must change and improve the way we operate, otherwise we will be overtaken by the tsunami of change that is coming at us,’ said Noelle Simons, Car Craft general manager.

“The challenge will be to convince the Car Craft membership that it is in their interests to follow. It is vital, not only for the expansion of the national project but the survival of independent businesses, that the business works towards uniformity. To be able to promote our repairers as the point of difference, we must operate similarly, so nationally we will aim for our members to achieve some minimum standards. The details of the standards will be decided and formalised in the near future by the directors of the new national company Car Craft Holdings Pty Ltd.

Car Craft sees the future as extremely challenging but very exciting.

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