CarCraft Code of Ethics

CarCraft Code of Ethics

CarCraft Code of Ethics

The Code is intended to promote standards, ethics and co-operative relationships within Car Craft Accident Repair Centre’s members and with their customers. The member agrees to abide by the following principles:

Integrity – members have an obligation to be straight forward, honest and professional in their business and customer relationships.

Visibility – members display the Car Craft logo wherever possible, including on the building frontage, in the reception area, on corporate uniforms and by flying the Car Craft flag.

Professional Competence – members are to maintain professional knowledge and skills and participate in training wherever possible in order that Car Craft businesses are seen to be leaders in their field.

Professional Courtesy – members must:

a. Communicate with and assist other Car Craft members wherever possible;
b. Not knowingly take work from another Car Craft business;
c. Consider advising the other Car Craft member, if one of their staff approach them seeking employment; and
d. Communicate and liaise with the other Car Craft member in relation to a dispute or rectification work that may be referred to your business.
Preferred Suppliers – members should actively support the preferred supplier network and encourage other members to do the same.

Business Presentation – members must maintain:

a. The professional facade and signage of the business; and
b. Standards of orderliness and cleanliness that reflect the professionalism of both the member business and Car Craft.
Participation – Wherever possible members should participate in and contribute to the Car Craft group’s events, meetings, training opportunities, etc.

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