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Let Sureline Body Repairs restore your vehicle to former glory.

Sureline Body Repairs have been restoring vehicles for 42 years and are 2nd generation panel beaters. Their quality workmanship claims a high profile within the restoration community and for good reason. Share your passion with Sureline Body Repairs and watch as their commitment shines and your car is restored into superior showroom condition that will be noticed wherever you take your vehicle.

Restoration Process:

  • Establish restoration needs & Budget
  • Vehicle inspection and scope of works
  • Commencement of restoration
  • Progress communication
  • Delivery of restored vehicle


For many muscle and classic car lovers, it may be difficult to find the exact model, make and year of car you want already restored, or to the level of restoration you desire. Some cars require a ground-up restoration, while others merely require a simple upgrade.

Start from scratch Restoration

Apart from having a passion for muscle and classic cars, many people who would like a car restored, usually do so to increase value and to sell the car at profit at a later point in time.

A start from scratch restoration is quite a personal experience for each car owner, and allows for some interesting customization and stamping your own personality to the work.

It’s important to work with a car restorer like Sureline Body Repairs who knows the process and have the knowledge to save you time and money. A good reputation for quality of workmanship and also shares your passion for beautiful vehicles.

When restoring, the following factors are very important:

  • Quality of products used and finding parts in a timely manner
  • The skill of the restorer and the network of contacts
  • Documentation of the process

Upgrading your vehicle

We can assist with keeping that show car looking like a show car. Speak to us for re-painting, restoring interiors and finding the right parts.

Mechanical restoration, Paint restoration, parts and service. We are your One Stop Shop for classic restoration.


Sureline Body Repairs

Sureline Body Repairs, operating for more than 42 years, prides itself as one of the leaders in the industry of panel and paint. We provide the latest technology and equipment allowing us to give our customer base the best and quickest turn around in accident repair.

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Contact Sureline Body Repairs:

196 Beatty Rd, Archerfield, QLD, 4108
Please call 07 3275 3134


Business Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 4.30pm

Closed on weekends and public holidays.

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